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AI-based User Adaptive Interaction
NRF Dec 2020 – Feb 2023
  • Implementation of user-interactive voice agent on embedded system
  • Multimodal emotion recognition (Affective computing):
    • ResNet, Attention based facial emotion recognition
    • Brain computer interface, EEG emotion recognition
  • Model compression techniques for edge deployment:
    • Network pruning, quantization

Wireless sensor network using packet analyzer
March 2021 – Dec 2021
  • Wireless sensor networking using RF communication protocol
  • Embedded (Linux) programming on TinyOS

Home IoT system using LTE-M network
March 2022 – Dec 2022
  • Android App programming with Firebase-cloud connection
  • Deep learning-based face detection & recognition-enabled auto door lock service

Lithium-ion Battery/Ultracapacitor ESS for Electric Vehicles
NRF Feb 2023 – June 2023
  • Survey on DC Fast charging architecture for battery electric vehicles
  • EV simulation on MATLAB-Simulink environment