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Optimizing Face Recognition Inference with a Collaborative Edge-Cloud Network Paul Angelo Oroceo, Jeongin Kim, Ej Miguel Francisco Caliwag, Sang-Ho Kim and Wansu Lim MDPI Sensors 2022
Light-FER: A Lightweight Facial Emotion Recognition System on Edge Devices Alexander M. Pascual, Erick C. Valverde, Jeongin Kim, Jin-Woo Jeong, Yuchul Jung, SangHo Kim and Wansu Lim MDPI Sensors 2022
An efficient scheme on face recognitions by Eigenface analysis Jeongin Kim, Otto Frederike, Wansu Lim, Byong Man Kim and Yeon-Mo Yang JKIIS 2023
Implementation of a Reliable VUI System on Edge Device Jeongin Kim, Paul Angelo Oroceo and Wansu Lim KICS 2022